Manpil Review: Promising Product of India to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Manpil Review

Brand: Manpil

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Psychotropics India Ltd

Country of Manufacture: India

Manpil Package Image

Review and Description

Manpil tablets are manufactured to treat erectile dysfunction and pulmonary hypertension. The drug contains an active compound called sildenafil citrate that works by inhibiting the action of cGMP-specific phosphodiesterase type 5 which is an active enzyme that is responsible for the narrowing of the penile blood vessels. Erectile dysfunction not only causes sexual uncertainties, but it also results in psychological issues like anxiety and stress which is why it is important to use drugs like Manpil.

When one uses Manpil, the drug gets absorbed into the bloodstream. The Nitrate part of it turns into Nitric oxide which functions as a vasodilator causing the penile blood vessels to dilate and allow more blood to flow to the penis. When the penis is filled with enough blood, it stands erect for long thereby making the person to perform sexually for relatively long sessions. This makes it a good product for the treatment of impotence where people cannot erect or maintain an erection.

Psychotropics India Ltd is a reputable company that has dominated the pharmacology market with effective medicines of all body systems. In the Indian market, it is known for its quality drugs like Tromanil capsule, Nimodex Tablets and Diclofon-MR tablet among many other powerful drugs. Its professionalism in manufacturing drugs has also been witnessed outside India through powerful brands such as Albendazole chewable tablets, Aceclofenac tablets, and many other drugs. Psychotropics India Ltd not only has seasoned pharmacology educated professionals but it also has state of the art laboratories that make them to manufacturer high-quality drugs. With a cutting-edge technology and world class trained pharmacists, every drug produced is safe and with perfect pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics to make sure that it does not cause adverse effects to patients when it is used correctly.

Customer Reviews

There are no online reviews from previous patients regarding Manpil tablets, but that does not mean that it has no users. Psychotropics India Ltd has been approved by many hospitals both in India and internationally due to its powerful drug brands. Its modern equipment and research studies have enabled it to manufacture quality drugs ranging from antibiotics, anti-inflammatory to analgesics and other systemic drugs. Its drugs are known for their outstanding efficacy and quick effectiveness. Every drug that comes out of their industries is normally tested and verified to be safe before being delivered to the market.

Manpil tablets from psychotropic India Ltd is no doubt among the well-manufactured drugs that have undergone intense pharmacological scrutiny to make it safe and effective to the users. PIL was established in 1987, and it is a reputable company that has not been doubted even in a single brand both locally and internationally. The good thing is that they take responsibility for the safety of their product so users should not be worried.

Pricing and Dosages

The drug comes in the formulation of tablets, there no liquid or jelly formulations of the drug. The price per pack is $0.117, and the pack comes in a strip of four tablets. The tablets are in two types; there are those of 50mg each which are written as Manpil-50, and there are those that come with 100mg which is written as Manpil-100.

The dosage regimen to treat erectile dysfunction and Hypertension have not yet been elaborated, but like any other generic drug, you need to have doctors prescription for you to start using Manpil tablets

The dosage regimen to treat erectile dysfunction and Hypertension have not yet been elaborated, but like any other generic drug, you need to have doctor’s prescription for you to start using Manpil tablets. Looking at the other Viagra 50mg brands, this is the best-priced drug that is also effective in treating impotence. Most of the other brands are ranging between $0.44 and $1 per pack.

How to Buy Manpil Online

Manpil is not available for international shipping in most of the stores, but you can use its substitute which is known to have proven efficacy, Fildena.

The most appropriate drug that is known to treat impotence and erectile dysfunction is called Fildena

The most appropriate drug that is known to treat impotence and erectile dysfunction is called Fildena. Fildena tablets vary in price depending on the store where you will buy it from, but the average price per tablet is $1.75. The price also varies depending on whether you want 25mg tablets, 50mg tablets, 75mg tablets or 100mg tablets as well as 150mg tablets. Shipping price of the product is $9.9 for airmail and $19.95 for EMS worldwide. It is widely available online and to buy it, just visit one of the links below, select the quantity that you want, and it will be shipped to you.

How to Use

Because of its tablet form, it is easy to use the drug because you just need to swallow it with water or food. Take it one hour before sexual intercourse to give it time to get absorbed in the blood for maximum effects to occur. The recommended dosage is 50mg per session, but you should not exceed 100mg in 24 hours. If you have 100mg tablets, you can break them into two pieces to make them 50mg each. Taking them with or immediately after food is good. If you have liver problems and hypotension issues, make sure that you consult your doctor before taking any of these drugs.

Side Effects

Side effects are not common to those who take the appropriate dosages, but the most common ones include a headache, numbness and tingling sensation, mild vision problems, painful ejaculations and erections among other non-serious effects. These side effects disappear after the drug’s half-life is over in the body. It has no severe side effects, but when one takes an overdose, hypotension might occur.

Conclusion and Rating

Manpil tablets are used to treat erectile dysfunction and pulmonary hypertension. It does so by dilating penile blood vessels and relaxing the pulmonary blood vessel muscles respectively. There are no enough customer reviews to indicate how good or bad the product is but the manufacturer is a credible one who has produced other powerful brands both locally and internationally. Owing to the trustworthy of the manufacturer and historical background of the company, a rating of 4/5 is worth for Manpil. If you have any liver problems or heart diseases, make sure that you consult your doctor. Lactating Women who want to use it in treating hypertension should take caution because the drug is excreted in milk.

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