How to Use Sea Salt for Toenail Fungus in 9 Steps

Toenail fungus is typified by chunky, tarnished or yellowish nails that can also turn out easily broken and chip away. Toenail fungus is not only ugly but it can turn out to be excruciating from time to time, bringing about discomfiture and uneasiness to the person experiencing it. Attempting to eliminate toenail fungus can be fairly costly, whether it is by way of recurring physician visit and prescriptions or over-the-counter treatments. A cheap means to treat toenail fungus is through sea salt. Here are the several uses of sea salt for toenail fungus.

Step #1: Cut Your Toenails

Cut your toenails and file down as much of the fungus-infected toenail as probable. This will aid the sea salt remedy to arrive at the infected part more effectively.

Step #2: Soak Your Feet

Place hot water in a foot basin, with just adequate amount of water to cover up your toes. Make the water as hot as your feet will be able to endure.

Step #3: Tilt the Basin

Roll up a towel and put it beneath the basin at the reverse end of where your toes will be placed. This will slant majority of the water to the toe end of the basin.

Step #4: Add Hydrogen Peroxide

Add up one cup of hydrogen peroxide to the water and then immerse your toes into the water.

Step #5:  Remove Wet Toes

Remove your damp toes from the water and dispense ground sea salt on top of your toes. Let it stay for approximately three minutes prior putting your toes back in the water to immerse. Whilst your toes are sitting on the basin containing the sea salt, add up 1 ½ cup of ground sea salt to the water and peroxide in the basin.

Step #6: Soak Again

Return your toes into the water and immerse them for 30 minutes.

Step #7: Take away the Toes

Take away your toes from the sea salt solution and dab them dry. Tenderly rub down your feet and toes to aid encourage circulation to the region.

Step #8: Put Vinegar

Put on one or two drops of vinegar to the contaminated toenail. Do not wear shoes or socks. If you are going to go out in the open, put on your sandals or flip flops.

Step #9: Use as a Daily Treatment

Repeat the 30-minute sea salt immersion every day or as frequently as probable until the toenail fungus has faded away. You might necessitate going on doing the immersion a minimum of once weekly to avoid the fungus from returning.

Performing this method daily or just as frequently as you can will help treat toenail fungus. Do not stop doing the sea salt treatment until you notice that the infectivity had disappeared. On the other hand, you might still have to perform the sea salt treatment at least every week even when the infectivity is gone. This will discontinue the infectivity from recurring. Sea salt treatment is only one of the many natural remedies you can try to treat your toenail fungus.

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