Heartburn Symptom

Heartburn affects millions of people on a daily basis and is not just an annoyance. It can be a real threat to your health as it can damage the esophagus. Heartburn holds a not-so-special place in the lives of some, but there are several ways to curb the effect and even eliminate the heartburn symptoms you may suffer.

For every heartburn symptom there is a way fight it. Much depends on the individual experiencing the discomfort, but there several different methods for combating heartburn in your life, over the short and the long term.

How Do I Know I Have Heartburn?

It’s fairly simple to diagnose a heartburn symptom. A general burning sensation in the chest area, a contraction in the esophagus and discomfort during or immediately following a meal all point to heartburn.

You needn’t overreact when detecting a heartburn symptom. It’s often just your body telling you to slow down or take it easy with a certain food. It’s not always serious. Heartburn can make you very uncomfortable but it’s not time to call the doctor. Several different techniques will be useful to halt or at least diminish the pain associated with heartburn, so you will be free to choose.

How to Treat Heartburn Symptoms

Tackling heartburn can be as easy or as hard as you like. You can choose between over-the-counter and prescription medicine, and for many a combination of both when experiencing chronic heartburn symptoms. Here are a few different options:

Tums, Tu-Tums, Tums TUMS!

You’ve doubtlessly seen the commercial and heard the jingle. Tums — along with Rolaids, Pepto and others — are the classic store-bought remedies. Each can have success in treating heartburn symptoms, but they are usually for mild cases of heartburn.

Taking one of these medications before a meal might lead to success in controlling heartburn. In some cases, you will need to repeat the dose after the meal. It’s best to carry some tablets with you if you are going out to dinner or to a friend’s house for a meal.

Also, don’t forget that many drinks can provoke heartburn. A fruit juice during breakfast, a soda with lunch, even coffee after dinner: each can bring about heartburn without chewing a single bite. Certainly, smoking cigarettes after a meal will not make it any easier, so avoid the classic cigarette and coffee combination.

The other option is to try prescription medicines like Nexium. These are generally safe and may possibly help repair any damage to the esophagus which may have been a result of heartburn. The best idea is to consult your physician. Together, you will work out how to best treat your heartburn symptoms.

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